The policy of Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd is to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of employees, learners, participants, visitors of the organisation whilst they are at work or undertaking training.



Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd recognises its responsibility:


  • To take all reasonable practicable steps to provide and maintain safe, healthy conditions for employees’/learners’/participants’/apprentices’/visitors’ working and training environments and to comply with all relevant statutory requirements.


  • To provide or make available suitable training or instruction to enable employees/learners/participants/apprentices to perform their duties in a safe and healthy manner and with due observance to safety instructions.


  • To provide/ensure adequate supervision to enable employees/learners/participants/apprentices carry out their training/work in a safe and healthy manner and with due observance to safety instruction.


  • To make available all safety and protective clothing, equipment and devices as necessary and as approved by Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd.


  • To undertake the periodic review and updating of Health and Safety arrangements within Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd and for any revisions found necessary to be brought to the attention of each employee/learner/participant/apprentice/employer.


  • Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd expects those organisations and employers providing training or practical work experience on our behalf to actively support and abide by this policy.


  • Every employee/learner/participant/apprentice has a duty whilst at work, undertaking training or practical work experience, to take reasonable care for health and safety of him/herself and of others who may be affected by the person’s acts or omissions at work.


Levels of Responsibility


Managing Director

  • Responsible for the overall co-ordination of arrangements for implementation of the Health and Safety Policy and carries out that responsibility by delegation of authority through the Senior Management Team.


Operations Director

  • Responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy throughout the Company, for providing advice and information relating to safety, health and welfare of employees/learners/participants/apprentices/visitors, reporting to the Managing Director on all matters affecting the duties and obligations placed on the Company as an employer and training organisation.


All employees

  • Responsible for the implementation of the Company’s Policy which may come within the areas under their control. They must be fully aware of the Company’s health and safety policy and ensure that other employees/learners/participants/apprentices/visitors are fully aware of their responsibilities whilst at their designated place of work or training environment, and of the hazards involved in the work or training they undertake and those specific to their particular workplace training area.
  • Required to have a positive and realistic approach to safety by themselves and learners/participants/apprentices/visitors for whom they are responsible and set a personal example by actively encouraging a safe working environment.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the policy of the Company is carried out with respect to his or her own work and that safe working practises are followed.  It is also the responsibility of each employee/learner/participant/apprentice/visitor to report any concerns to their line manager/Assessor/manager at Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd or if an employee in main reception.  If the situation is not resolved, then speak to the Operations Director or Managing Director at Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd on 01709 586600 during business hours, out of hours contact Operations Director on 07960 545946 or Managing Director on 07894 062891.


Application of Policy

  • Safe working will not be achieved without employee/learner/participant/apprentice/visitor participation.
First Aid
  • First Aid facilities are provided at all our training delivery sites.  There is a nominated person at each site.
  • Fire precautions are undertaken at each site.  All escape routes are clearly marked, assembly points indicated, and the correct number/type of extinguishers are in place. Fire alarm tests are conducted weekly, fire evacuation drill every 6 months, fire risk annually reviewed.
Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessments are carried out at each site and reviewed annually or when any changes/incidents have taken place.  Records are kept at each site and at our Head Office.
  • In accordance with organisation regulations for any individuals undertaking work experience, training within the workplace, a Health and Safety Assessment is undertaken before training/work experience commences – procedure must be followed.
  • Electrical equipment at each site is checked every twelve months by a qualified electrician and records are maintained.
Manual Handling
  • All employees/learners/participants/apprentices are given training and instruction on Manual Handling operations when applicable.
  • COSHH registers are maintained and reviewed annually.  The employees at each site will assess the risk created by any work involving substances that are hazardous to health and give training and instruction as is necessary.
Accident/Illness Reporting
  • Accidents will be dealt with as per RIDDOR reporting regulations
  • Accidents will be investigated by the Managing Director and are reported to the appropriate Health and Safety Executive/contract holder.
  • Quarterly reviews of all accidents are monitored, and an analysis is conducted to monitor the findings and actions taken.
  • Employers are informed via the Health and Safety Pre-Vet that any accidents/illness relating to their apprentice(s) is dealt with via their internal procedure and also reported to Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd in the case of an accident immediately or sickness on telephone number 01709 596600.
  • Employees/learners/participants/apprentices are required to contact their line manager or assessor if unable to attend planned sessions.
  • Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd employees are required to assess the situation with all learners/participants/apprentices with regards to their general health and well being and if any concerns are identified will discuss with the individual and if required their line manager.
  • Checks are made to ensure accidents/illness have not gone unreported.
  • All employees have the authority to stop dangerous or illegal practices and, if necessary, stop work or training in progress.  This also applies to the failure to wear or use the correct protective clothing or equipment.
  • All employees have a key role in the maintenance of safe working conditions and practices as they are the people on the spot who know how the job is done.
Training and Instruction
  • The importance of ensuring that all employees/learners/participants/apprentices are adequately trained or instructed to carry out their responsibilities is recognised, particularly in the appointment of new employees/learners/participants/apprentices/visitors.
All employees/learners / participants/apprentices/visitors
  • All employee/learners/participants/apprentices/visitors are expected and required to co-operate in the implementation of the Company’s safety policies.  Failure to follow safe working practises, procedures and systems stated in the Health and Safety Policy will result in disciplinary action for those on our sites and for apprentices this will be in accordance with the organisation where they are employed.


  • In accordance with Section 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, a copy of the Health and Safety Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees/learners/participants/apprentices/visitors and as often as appropriate, will be revised, modified or supplemented but at least annually.
  • All visitors must sign in and visitor badges will be issued.  Visitors will be made aware of Health and Safety – fire alarms tests, meeting points and welfare procedures at each of or sites.
  • No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions at any of our sites.  Misuse of anything provided will result in disciplinary action being undertaken.
Evacuation Procedure
  • In the event of a terrorist threat/attack or criminal action

the alarm will be raised by activating the fire alarm/shouting bomb alert.

  • All employees will ensure that their work/training area is cleared immediately with employee/learners/participants/apprentices (if applicable)/visitors taking their bags with them
  • Employees/learners/participants/apprentices (if applicable)/visitors at Prospect House will meet in the park across the road.
  • 999 will be called by a member of the SMT if they are not on-site reception employees will ensure that 999 is called and information given relating to the suspected situation.
  • Managers are responsible to check that all their employees have vacated the building and report to the senior manager once the check has taken place.
  • Assessors will confirm that all learners/participants are accounted for via registers.
  • Visitors/apprentices will be accounted for by the person they are visiting and checked against the signing sheets by the administration manager/administrator.
  • NO PERSON will re-enter the building until permission has been given by the appropriate authority.
  • Each site will follow the same procedure, but the meeting point will be detailed at each site.


Published date: 24th June 2020

The latest review date: 24th June 2020

The date the next review is due: 23rd June 2021

Responsibility: Janice Black

Job Title:  Managing Director