Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd is committed to ensuring, to the fullest extent reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its employees, learners, participants and visitors while they are at work or undergoing training.

Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd acknowledges its duty:

  • To take all practicable steps to furnish and uphold safe, healthy conditions within the working and training environments for employees, learners, participants and visitors, in compliance with relevant statutory requirements.
  • To provide or make accessible suitable training or instruction to enable employees, learners and participants to execute their duties safely and responsibly, adhering to safety guidelines.
  • To furnish or ensure adequate supervision to facilitate safe and healthy engagement in training or work tasks for employees, learners and participants, in observance of safety protocols.
  • To supply all necessary safety and protective attire, equipment, and devices approved by Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd.
  • To periodically review and update Health and Safety arrangements within Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd and communicate any necessary revisions to all employees, learners, participants, and employers.

Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd expects full cooperation from organisations and employers providing training or practical work experience on its behalf in actively supporting and adhering to this policy.

Every employee, learner, and participant, is obligated while at work or undergoing training to exercise reasonable care for their own health and safety, as well as that of others who may be affected by their actions or inactions.

In addition to physical safety measures, Prospect Training (Yorkshire) Ltd recognises the importance of internet security in safeguarding the well-being of its employees, learners, participants, and visitors. Therefore, measures will be implemented to protect against online threats and to ensure the secure handling of sensitive information.

Levels of Responsibility

  • Managing Director: Responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy, delegating authority through the Senior Management Team, providing advice and information related to safety, health, and welfare, and reporting on matters affecting the Company’s duties and obligations as an employer and training organisation.
  • All Employees: Responsible for implementing the Company’s Policy within their areas of control, ensuring awareness of the Company’s health and safety policy among employees, learners, participants, apprentices, and visitors, and promoting a positive safety culture by adhering to safe working practices and setting a personal example.

Application of Policy

  • Consultation: Active participation of employees, learners, participants, and visitors is essential for ensuring safe working conditions.
  • First Aid: First Aid facilities are available at our training delivery site
  • Fire Safety: Fire precautions are undertaken at our site, including clearly marked escape routes, indicated assembly points, regular fire alarm tests, evacuation drills, and annual fire risk reviews.
  • Risk Assessment: Risk assessments are conducted at each site, reviewed annually or as necessary, and records are maintained.
  • Electrical Safety: Electrical equipment at each site is inspected annually by a qualified electrician, with records kept for reference.
  • Manual Handling: Training and instruction on Manual Handling operations are provided to all employees, learners and participants as applicable.
  • COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health): COSHH registers are maintained and reviewed annually, with employees assessing risks associated with hazardous substances and providing necessary training and instruction.
  • Internet Security: Measures will be implemented to protect against online threats and to ensure the secure handling of sensitive information.
  • Accident/Illness Reporting: Accidents are reported as per RIDDOR regulations and investigated by the Managing Director, with quarterly reviews conducted to monitor findings and actions taken.
  • Security: All visitors must sign in and be briefed on Health and Safety procedures at each visit.
  • Lockdown Procedure: In the event of an emergency requiring lockdown, employees, learners, participants, and visitors will be guided to designated safe rooms where they will follow established lockdown protocols to ensure their safety.

Misuse: Intentional or reckless misuse of safety provisions will result in disciplinary action.

Evacuation Procedure: In the event of a terrorist threat/attack or criminal action, specific evacuation procedures are outlined, with responsibilities assigned to employees, learners, participants, and visitors.

Review: The Health and Safety Policy is brought to the attention of all relevant parties and is subject to periodic review and revision at least annually.

Published date: 24th June 2020

Latest review date: 14th May 2024

Next review due date: 14th May 2025

Responsible Officer: Janice Black

Job Title: Managing Director