Ras, DHL

As a large distribution centre responsible for processing hundreds of thousands of packages every month, we needed a training provider that could teach our staff to handle the kind of pressure that entails. We found in Prospect Training; a provider that is capable of not only equipping our staff with the skills they need to operate effectively, but also capable of working with a flexibility that allows for the nature of our work.

Prospect Training already offered a variety of courses, but were more than happy to tailor their training to meet the specific needs of our organisation. Prospect also helped develop the team leading and management skills of our supervisors and shift managers, helping us to improve the efficiency of our own operations.

Prospect Training have proven to be a reliable and accommodating provider to work with, they have continually strived to deliver the highest quality of services to our organisation. That is why we have and will continue to use Prospect Training to develop and train our staff.

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